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USRowing Junior National Team News

Junior Women

Our goal is to provide the foundation for the Junior National Team two years from now. The Development Camp experience can be likened to a ‘Rowing Laboratory’ where we can focus on building a multidimensional skill set in a controlled environment.  Our ‘labs’ take place in two contexts:

1) On the water where we deemphasize racing- working on understanding the physics of moving a boat and 2) Off the water where the focus is on overall fitness, nutrition, strength, and dynamic stretching.

It is our goal over the three weeks we have to reinforce these topics and send the athletes home with as much new information as possible.  This knowledge will provide them with a solid foundation from which to take ownership of their rowing careers from here forward.

On Water

Athletes split their time as evenly as possible between sweep and sculling, and they rotate every two days.  The focus in both groups is very technical- learning patience in the stroke and how to move the boat as opposed to just the oar handle.  We  make sure we are translating boat moving principles between sweeping and sculling.

If you have never sculled before… problem!

Off Water

In addition to focusing on nutrition, strength and stretching, we program time in for discussion or hands on experience with goal setting, video review, creating a training log, yoga, sport psychology and rowing history.

It is critical that  the group come together in a hurry to train as a team as well as allow the athletes to gain an understanding of their comfort zones and how to stretch it or many cases…step outside of it…all a part of becoming an elite international athlete.  We work towards this by taking the camp to a High Ropes Course at the end of week one of camp.  Are you ready to test your limits?

Dates: June 21st to July 15th

Participants: 40-45 Athletes with a 2000 or prior birth year and are 5’10” with sub 8:00 2k

Cost: $3,290. Includes room and board and all rowing expenses during time at Connecticut College including activities off site. Athletes will be responsible for transportation.

Location: Connecticut College/Old Lyme,  CT. Athletes will be housed in on-campus housing with access to 24 ergs, varsity weight room, and dining facilities. On water sessions will take place at the Lyme/Old Lyme Boathouse located on the Roger’s Lake approximately 5 miles from campus. Roger’s Lake offers over 2 miles of lightly used and protected water.


Ethan Curren, Head Coach

Val Gospodinov, Asst. Coach

Paul Albright, Asst. Coach

TBD, Asst. Coach

TBD, Asst. Coach