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FISA: Coxswain Rule Changes

Last week, FISA announced new rules as related to coxswains:

“Except for Olympic, Youth Olympic, Paralympic and relevant qualification regattas which shall be subject to the rules of the authority concerned, the gender of the coxswain shall be open so that a men’s crew may be coxed by a woman and a women’s crew by a man. Age categories shall apply to coxswains, except in Masters events. In exceptional cases, the Executive Committee may make exceptions.
The minimum weight for a coxswain wearing the racing uniform is 55 kilogrammes (“kgs.”) for men’s, Under 23 men’s and Junior (U19) men’s crews, and 50 kgs. for women’s, Under 23 women’s, Junior (U19) women’s and mixed crews.
To make up this weight, a coxswain may carry a maximum of 15 kgs. deadweight which shall be placed in the boat as close as possible to his person. No article of racing equipment shall be considered as part of this deadweight. At any time, before the race or until immediately after disembarkation, the Control Commission may require the weight of the deadweight to be checked.
These provisions shall also apply to coxswains in lightweight races.”

This new rules takes away the gender restriction on the U19 summer camps.  Male coxswains are allowed to attend a Women’s Camp and female coxswains are allowed to attend a men’s camp. Any further questions about this can be directed to Steve Hargis at

All new rules can be found on the following link: