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USRowing Junior National Team News

Getting Started

Rowers/Coxswains: How do you get started with the US Junior National Team? That depends on two things: your birth year and whether you Sweep or Scull.

 Click on your birth year under your category to see the opportunities available.

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What is an Identification Camp?

Identification camps are a means for national team coaches to identify potential national team athletes. It is also an opportunity for athletes to meet with national team coaches and discuss training goals and programs. An athlete’s performance at an ID camp can contribute to their invitation to either a junior national team selection or development camp.  Athletes must be US Citizens to attend an ID Camp.

What happens at an Identification Camp?

On the day of the camp, athletes will complete a 2k erg test. Depending on the weather and the condition of the water, athletes will participate in an indoor tank, erg/core session, and/or rowing session.

How long is an Identification Camp session?

Camps are held for one day, usually on the weekend and last about 3-5 hours. Check the updated identification camp schedules for more information or get in touch with the camp contact listed for more details.

Where are Identification Camps held?

Identification camps are held in various locations throughout the United States. Typically, coaches try to hold at least one camp on the East Coast, West Coast and in the Midwest. Check the updated identification camp schedules for more information.

What else can I do to help get identified by a National Team coach?

By participating in USRowing’s National Team Testing (NTT) program, athletes will have the opportunity to show coaches improvements in their monthly erg scores. To learn more about USRowing’s National Team Testing program, click here.

Can coxswains attend Identification Camps?

Yes, coxswains can also attend ID camps. Coxswains should bring recordings of themselves during both practice and a race so that coaches can get an idea of their skill level and style. Depending on the location, weather, and number of athletes at the camp, there may be an opportunity to cox on the water.  Please note that the International weight for female coxswains is 110.2 and male coxswains is 121.5.  We need coxswains that can live and train comfortably at weight.

What happens after I attend an Identification Camp?

After you have attended an ID Camp, national team coaches will contact you directly if you have earned an invitation to a selection or development camp. Invites are typically sent out via e-mail in early April, around 30 days after the last Identification Camp has been held. Athletes will only be contacted if they have been invited.

What is a Junior National Team Selection or Development Camp?

Athletes are selected to the junior national team through a selection camp. Selection camp is by invitation only, and spots are offered on the basis of performance at an ID camp, video/audio tapes of performance, competition results, National Team Testing results, physical and physiological characteristics, and letters of recommendation from coaches. Athletes who show potential but are not quite at the selection camp level may be invited to a development camp. Development camps aim to improve an athlete’s skills with the goal of future participation in selection camp.

What is the difference between Selection Camp and Junior Trials?

There are two ways to be selected to the junior national team – through a selection camp or at trials. Boat classes that are selected at a camp are M8+, M4+, M4x, W8+, W4-, and W4x. Selection camp is by invitation only. All other junior national team boats are selected at the Junior World Championship Trials Regatta, held in Princeton in July. This regatta is open to all participants who qualify as junior rowers.

Does it cost money to be on the Junior National Team?

Yes, athletes who make the team will be required to pay a fee to cover the cost of food, lodging, airfare, and all other expenses associated with attending the Junior World Championships. A complete list of what the fee includes will be provided at the beginning of the summer. Competition unisuits are provided to athletes who make the team, but any additional national team gear is purchased by the athlete.

Can family or friends attend the Junior World Championships?

Yes, family and/or friends can attend the Junior World Championships. Information for parents attending can be found on the USRowing Web site under the parent section by clicking on the link “National Team Parent Information.” Information on traveling to the venue, obtaining spectator tickets, lodging, and more, is covered.