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USRowing Junior National Team News

Junior National Team

Junior National Team

Traditionally just under 50 nations take part in the championships with close to 600 juniors competing. There’s no doubt the Junior Championships are exciting and there is a spirit of youthful exuberance that cannot be found anywhere else!

It’s the unrestrained display of joy as athletes win their races. It’s also the absolute devastation on the faces and words from the mouths of those who lose. It’s the family that travels – sometimes thousands of miles – to unite behind their siblings. It’s the tears shed by joyous coaches. It’s the absolute determination by parents to make sure they see it all.

The World Rowing Junior Championships see the launch of a number of future stars. It’s the biggest regatta for juniors and most of the competitors row internationally for the first time. (, 2012)

Since the United State’s first Junior World’s in 1967 in Ratzeburg where Jim Dietz won the Single Scull  event to the record setting performance of four medals from Junior Women’s program in 2012, the Junior ‘s have been representing their country on the largest stage in their sport.

During the past two quadrennials, the US Jr Team has been experiencing unprecedented growth and results in terms of younger athletes, accomplishing program goals and winning medals at the World Championships as shown below:

2004  no medals
2005-2006  – 1 medal each yr averaging 2 boats per yr reaching the A-Finals
2008 – First Gold medal in Women’s 8+ in the 25 years of Jr Worlds
From 2005-2008 (4 years) – the US earned 5 medals from all Jr entries
2009 – Repeat of Women’s 8+  Gold
2010 – First time Women earned 2 medals and first time women’s sculling made  the A -Final
From 2010 – 2012 – Jr Team qualified for 6 A-Finals each year and in 2012 first medal (Silver) for Jr W 4x
AND From 2009 – 2012 (4 years) the US earned 12 medals from all Junior entries
From the Editor:  We are heading in the right direction and it is a privilege to continue to work with this dedicated group of coaches and the talented athletes that are joining the program.  What is actually more encouraging and satisfying is the large number of athletes that continue in the system to represent the US in both the U-23 and Senior programs.  Please see the Alumni Section of the site to see what some of our Alums are doing!


Opening Ceremonies – Bulgaria, 2012